Preparing a CV


When preparing your CV there are a number of things you would do
well to keep in mind.
A CV is a selling document. It is selling your skills and experience. You will often be in the situation where your CV is being compared with 2 or 3 others. Which one will get the call? The one that best lays out and details your skills in the most positive way. All other things being equal of course. Naturally it should still be accurate.

You will be asked to provide:

  • Details of three referees.
  • Use positive language. Words like enthusiastic, eager, anxious to gain experience, willing, hope, aims and aspirations.
  • Referees are a vital part of the CV. The standing and reputation of your referees can contribute a large measure of credibility to your C.V. So choose wisely. It’s worth taking some trouble over this. At least 2 of your referees should be related to the area in which you are seeking locum work. If you mainly want to work in emergency then 2 of your referees should be Staff Specialists or Intensivists if I.C.U. is your aim.
  • When nominating referees let them know that you are doing so and provide their name, current place of work, their current position and how they can be contacted including an e-mail address.
  • To give your self a human face it’s a good idea to talk about your aspirations and your leisure interests and hobbies.