Support for new locums


Head Start program.
Austwide Locums designed the Head Start Program to assist new locums. Under Head Start, our team members are available 12 hours a day, Monday to Friday, ready give advice, answer any questions and help our new locums navigate the locum process. We also design an individualised work plan, in consultation with each locum, to help the locum meet their career goals, availability and preferences. Once the plan is complete, Austwide Locums notifies the locum of any shifts that match the locum’s work plan.

Monthly check-ins
Austwide Locums contacts each locum once a month to check how the locum is faring with their shifts and to address any concerns the locum may have about their work plan and progress. We also pass along any feedback we have received from the locum’s placements.
Administrative support
Once a locum completes registration, Austwide Locums performs account management on the locum’s behalf. Consider us your personal administrative assistant; we submit your accounts, issue shift confirmations to both you and the hospital, provide an annual activity summary for you to submit with your taxes and resolve any late payments on your behalf.
Preparing your CV
While we do not provide CV services, we provide tips and will assist where we can. We have put together the following tips to assist you with your CV preparation.

Remember that a CV is a sales document, so do the following when preparing yours:

  • ● Keep your details accurate, but use positive language to describe yourself (enthusiastic, eager, anxious to gain experience, willing, hope, aims and aspirations).
  • ● Let your personality shine through by mentioning your goals, leisure interests and hobbies.
  • ● List three referees with whom you are in good standing and have solid reputations.
  • ● Ensure that at least two of the referees are associated with the area in which you’re seeking locum work. Include the following contact details for each referee: name, current place of work, current position, phone and/or e-mail address.