Training Opportunities


Austwide Locums is the first locum agency to have arrangements with course directors at major hospitals. These arrangements facilitate clinical skills training opportunities for our locums, and Austwide Locums encourages our registered doctors to attend the courses appropriate for their locum objectives.


Currently, Austwide Locums offers Advanced Life Support courses at the Don Harrison Patient Safety Simulation centre (St. Vincent’s). Austwide Locums covers the full cost of attending the course at St. Vincent’s.

Don Harrison Patient Safety Simulation Centre, St. Vincent’s Hospital

Course work focuses on:

  • ALS Algorithm
  • Drug Management
  • Reversible Causes
  • Defribillation & External Pacing
  • Roles and Communication
  • Airway Management
    » Airway Adjuncts – Guedels
    Nasopharyngeal Airway
    » Bag and Mask Ventilation
  • Simulated Arrest Scenarios