Locum Benefits


Locums are an integral part of Australia’s health-care system, and without locums, Australia would be unable to provide quality health care.


Locums are in demand and enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Higher pay rates

Locums are paid at a significantly higher pay rate than the rates available through primary employment. Choose between using locum shifts as supplemental income or part-time employment (which can assist in covering the costs of escalating Medical Education), and working full time as a locum.

  • Multiple opportunities for networking and career advancement
    Access quality learning resources. Make vital contacts for future referrals. Discuss your goals with us and we’ll design a plan to help further your career through placements that provide the experience you need and training to enhance your skills.
  • Optimal work-life balance
    Manage work with personal obligations, such as raising a family, caring for elderly parents or pursuing continuing education. Devote time to the important things in life while earning a good income by working the shifts you want at the hospitals you want.