Discover complete work freedom and security. Work the hours that suit you in the hospitals you prefer allowing you time for other things in your life


  • You accept the shifts you want and you work in the hospitals you prefer.
  • For parents with young children, the opportunity to work around the need to care for them.

Locums play a vital role in providing quality health care throughout Australia.Your skills are sorely needed and much appreciated. As a locum you would enjoy many benefits.

  • Opportunity to travel to rural and interstate Hospitals
  • Experience diverse settings in Health
  • New and interesting medical cases
  • Flexibility with work life balance
  • Earn an income whilst doing research

Work the hours that suit you in the hospitals you prefer allowing you time for other things in your life


  • There are many agencies one could choose, all saying much the same thing and all offering some of the benefits of locum work. So what makes Austwide Locums different and why should it be the one I choose to assist me with my locum work?
  • Austwide Locums prioritises doctors interested in hospitals, these include a diverse range of placements from public and private Hospitals, Justice Health, Rural GP/Hospital Placements, Special Events and Sporting Placements.
  • We are medical locum specialists and are the preferred source of locums for many major hospitals throughout Australia.
  • Our team of skilled and dedicated staff take a personal interest in all of our doctors, carefully nurturing them and helping them find the work they want in the hospitals of their choosing. It's like having your own personal support team.
  • Austwide Locums is genuinely available Mon-Fri 0800-1800 and after hours for emergencies. You speak to a team member.


In a first for locum agencies Austwide Locums has ongoing arrangements with the course Directors at the Simulation Units at Royal North Shore and St Vincents hospitals that opens up attractive new opportunities for clinical skills training.


Professional networking

As a locum, you will meet and work with numerous and diverse fellow professionals, as you build your skills and widen your networks for the future.


Career advancement

You have access to great learning experiences. After discussion with the Austwide team, you can work to a plan designed to further your career, with placements that will provide the experience you seek and training options to further your skills.


Higher pay rates

A considerably higher rate of pay than you would receive from your primary employment. You have the option of supplementing your full time hospital hours with locum work at much higher rates.

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Work-life balance

Manage your own time. Raising a family or continuing study can be difficult when combined with full time employment. As a locum, you work the hours that suit you, in the hospitals you prefer, so you can devote time to the other important things in your life - while still earning a good income.


who we are

We specialise in connecting highly skilled medical doctors and specialists as well as doctors just starting out on their careers with suitable assignments, with up to 3,000 shifts available on any one day drawn from over 500 hospitals across Australia.

Austwide Locums was established in 1972.

The first of its kind in NSW and the longest-running locum placement agency in Australia, The Austwide Team have built an enviable reputation for integrity, efficiency and quality of service.

We offer an ever-growing list of hospitals, providing an expanding choice of shifts.

Because we realise you went into medicine not to polish your clerical skills, but to practice medicine we take care of the paperwork, raise your accounts,follow up any late payments and provide an annual activity summary for taxation purposes, leaving you to do what you do best.


Over 500 hospitals, both public and private, regularly look to Austwide Locums for their locum requirements. As a result, our doctors enjoy an unrivalled range of experiences and opportunities, in cities and rural facilities alike, across a wide range of institutions/hospitals.

Our team at Austwide Locums are here to assist you and invite you to brief us on exactly what your aspirations are as a locum and what areas are of interest to you.

    Why register with us

    You owe it to yourself to register with an organisation that can give you the support you need and the opportunities you want.


We want to answer any inquiries you may have. You'll be greeted by one of our friendly team, 12 hours a day Monday to Friday, not an answering machine. For more information, please email Austwide Locums or simply call us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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